full software control
SURE is a comprehensive Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for e-business developers on Unisys ClearPath MCP. SURE supports an IT organization to safely and effectively manage the software components of its applications, including all MCP-based and PC-based components. SURE brings the following advantages to the IT organization:

  • improved productivity;
  • lower software development costs;
  • improved software quality;
  • shorter development to deployment cycles;
  • improved communications among all IT functions;
  • a continuous full audit of all source files;
  • fully automated daily compilation and deployment procedures;
  • a total integrity of the application process from project start through deployment and beyond.

source management
SURE is built on the basis of a ClearPath MCP-based enterprise repository which manages all the information related to the creation of the IT knowledge base for development of e-business applications. Not only does it keep track of all the sources of an application, it also does so for all aspects of an application. In addition, SURE contains a comprehensive management framework for organizing the tasks of complex application development across functional environments such as development, test, quality acceptance, and production, insuring that all of the required components are managed from an enterprise focus.

application life-cycle management
SURE consists of a rich set of functions to support and manage the complete life-cycle of an application. SURE manages all the consequences of a change in a particular source file and as a result of this, will not only start the automatic compilation of the source file involved, but also compile those source files that are affected by the change. This impact analysis function is also available in a variety of other forms within the SURE solution.

project management
SURE offers extensive functions for task and project management. This means that all modifications, resulting from one particular major change of an application, are transferred as one integrated set of activities through the complete cycle of development, maintenance, test, acceptance and production environments. The advantage of this is, that during the technical implementation of a complex modification, all changed software components are transferred completely to the next stage of the development process. In practice this leads to a significantly higher quality and integrity of the application software. Organizations that streamline and optimize their processes around industry accepted development models such as ITIL or the SEI Capability Maturity Model will experience a great benefit from the task management mechanism of SURE.

version management
SURE also offers extensive versioning management. This facility provides for placing the software in separated environments for each distinct phase of the development and deployment process. For example, whenever the developers deliver a new version of the software, it may be transferred to a strictly separated environment for testing. This way, the activities of the testers will not have any influence on development or production. Auditors can maintain a detailed view of all changes that are applied to an application.

Windows development workbench
SURE has a development workbench running on a Windows PC. The interface has a Windows Explorer-like look-and-feel and makes it possible to develop application software for a Unisys enterprise server on a local PC. This PC is either connected via a LAN or WAN, or is connected to the server via the Internet, using a TCP/IP protocol, offering as such capabilities for telecommuting to the development staff. The SURE development workbench makes it possible to completely shield off the development team from the traditional mainframe environment. This is of particular value in the recruiting of new employees who are mostly comfortable with a PC environment and do not want to invest in learning the “back-office” details.

SURE server
The SURE Server executes on a Unisys ClearPath MCP platform where the repository is a DMSII database. In this case the SURE repository is used to manage the sources of MCP applications as well as the sources of Windows or Unix applications. This facility offers an organization a very powerful and integrated solution for SCM for all of its application software!

It is also possible to locate the SURE Server on a Windows platform where the repository is an SQL-server database. In this case the SURE repository is only used to manage sources of Windows or Unix applications

SURE, a proven solution
SURE is used by a number of organizations worldwide, such as the University of Washington (US), Computer Services, Inc. (US), Anbima Bank (Brazil), ING Bank (Belgium and Netherlands), Volksbank (Netherlands). SURE offers a rich functionality for all individuals involved in the development and deployment of software, from developer to auditor and from tester to operator. SURE has a strong track record and belongs to the category of most sophisticated SCM-solutions of the industry.

more information
SURE, which is developed by ITSforSURE, has been adopted by Unisys Corporation as its solution for software configuration management. For more information contact:
Justin Okun
Unisys ClearPath Forward Product Manager
+1 (949) 330-2229

Detailed information on SURE is available on the Unisys eCommunity website, accessible via the following link: Press the Hot Link “ClearPath MCP Products” and look for the header “Application Development Software”, under which you will find the link: “SURE for ClearPath MCP.” The eCommunity website of Unisys Corporation can be accessed after (free) registration.

Alternatively you can download various forms of documentation or a trial version of the software from the download section. The eCommunity website however, also contains presentations and white papers that are only available there.