To be able to develop flexible information systems like core applications for the financial sector, a well suited development tool is essential. We developed RIS because the existing development tools, such as 4GL’s, have proven not to be sufficiently applicable.
RIS is a completely integrated set of tools for the development, maintenance and use of application software. RIS uses advanced technologies and is especially suitable for the development of complex applications used to handle a high volume of transactions. RIS is based on a unique philosophy and allows for a proven development methodology. It comprises a powerful parameter-controlled tool using an object-oriented approach and client/server technologies. The heart of RIS is formed by the repository, a relational database in which all information relevant to the applications is stored. Very powerful code generators are able to generate 80% of the functionality of the application.

Other tools included in the RIS tool set are:

  • a complete 4GE for the programming of the client software;
  • a software management and change control package named SURE;
  • a tool for transaction definition and transaction mapping between client and server;
  • maintenance of code tables used to control the applications;
  • a powerful data communication tool.